Top 6 Highly Profitable Small Business Ideas in India 2018 That Don’t Cost Much

Top 6 Highly Profitable Small Business Ideas in India 2018 That Don’t Cost Much

India has the world’s fastest-growing economy right now, with the GDP growth rate even surpassing China. However, there are many say that what we have is a jobless growth.

There’s a lot of talk about the rising unemployment in India. Is that really the case? Should you be despondent? We think not! There has never been a better time to start a small business in India.

The regular 9 to 5 job is fast becoming a thing of the past in many countries. The new trend is for young people to take matters into their own hands and start their own small business, instead of working as a faceless employ in a large corporation.

We are a leading web design agency in India and we make websites using WordPress for small businesses across the country. So we get a ringside view of the massive growth of small and medium-sized businesses in India in recent years.

Here’s a look at the top 6 highly profitable small business ideas in India in 2018 that you can start with only a minimal initial investment…

#1: Food Delivery Service.

The most successful small business ideas in India in recent years have been food delivery services. You are already familiar with companies like and Apart from them, there are hundreds of local food delivery services in every city which supply food from restaurants to offices or residences. If you have a bike or a van, you can start your own food delivery service. All you need is a proper website to get orders. Contact us for more on this.

#2: Online Coaching Centre.

So you’re a recent graduate from an engineering college and are struggling to find a job. Well, not to worry – put your education to good use by starting an online coaching center, similar to Khan Academy and Byjus, but at a much smaller scale. There is a real demand for coaching classes. With cheap internet and smartphones, you can now provide online coaching in Maths, Physics or Chemistry to school students through your website. You can also develop different academic courses and sell them on your website for a fixed fee, similar to how it is done on Contact us to know more about this idea.

#3: Photography.

Do you have a real talent for photography? Then it’s time to start monetizing your hobby. You can take great photographs of people, of the city and beautiful natural surroundings and sell them online for $10 or more. There is a huge demand for stock photos on the internet, and you can make good money from selling such stock photos on your website. Also, you can offer photography services at weddings, receptions, events, and seminars. But first, you will need a high-quality digital camera and a website of your own. Call us at +91 9899369691 for more on this.

#4: Online Cooking Classes.

So you’re a great cook and want to share your knowledge and awesome culinary skills with the rest of the world, and make money from that as well. Well, start a website, and offer cooking classes – both offline and online. You can conduct the cooking classes at your kitchen, have the video shot by a friend or family member and upload the videos to your YouTube channel and your website. Contact us to know more about how to develop a website for this and more importantly, how to monetize your amazing culinary skills.

#5: Mobile Phone Repair/ Accessories

Millions of smartphones are sold in India every month. There are already more than 480 million smartphone users here. This has created a huge demand for mobile phone repair shops. If you are good at handling mobile phones, this is something you can take up.

Mobile phone repair shops require very low investment and you’re guaranteed a substantial income for years to come, provided you’re good at what you do. Also, you can sell mobile phone accessories and credit recharge to supplement your earnings.

#6: Online Florist Shop.

Starting an online florist shop is a great small business idea for those who are creatively inclined. This requires low investment, but it’s not something that can be done by anyone. You should know how to design flower bouquets, wreaths, and other attractive floral arrangements. Also, you will need a website of your own with aesthetically pleasing and visually pleasing web design. Contact us for more on this.

If you need help with redesigning your existing website, or with building a website from scratch, call us at +91 9899369691. Alternatively, you may fill up this contact form to book a one-to-one consultation with one of our executives. 

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